"I ask your support for the only reason a candidate should -

         to better our community.  These are not empty words.  I

         have a lengthy track record, documented by the news media,

         of undertaking and accomplishing difficult goals."


      Several persons will compete for the Assembly seat vacated as a result of former Assemblyman Sheldon Silver's conviction on multiple corruption charges.  None deserve your support more than John.

      He is the Only Candidate with Anti-Corruption Credentials

      Detective Frank Serpico, the famous corruption-busting policeman, stated that John's "veracity is nothing but excellent" and, presently, as the Director of Business Watchdog, John has exposed corrupt foreign corporations that have cheated NYS out of the taxes due on over $220 million.

      John has already started cleaning up corrupt political practices.  He filed a lawsuit against the Manhattan Democratic Party (MDP) in the United States District Court - Southern District of New York (John Bal v. Manhattan Democratic Party, et al., Docket No. 16-CV-2416).  The lawsuit alleges the MDP's candidate nominating process is undemocratic and unconstitutional.

                    He is the Most Qualified Candidate

                  to Represent our Diverse Community

      It's important to elect someone that's sensitive to the different cultures of our diverse community.  John is well-suited for that challenge.

      He has lived in Asia longer than Asian candidates.  As a social worker he helped hundreds of our lower income neighbors.  He is a Shabbat Goy for his friend Larry Abrahamson (son of the late Assemblyman Eddie Abrahamson) and traveled to Moscow to help oppressed Jews get out of the Soviet Union despite his being threatened by Soviet Security.  He also taught entrepreneurship classes at LaGuardia Community College.  Presently, he is the Director of Business Watchdog, an organization combating corporate corruption. In short, we would be fortunate to have him represent us.

                                         His Goals

      Stamping out political corruption by reinstating the Moreland Commission, campaign finance and ethics reform, and eliminating the LLC loophole that allows businesses to circumvent campaign donation laws.  Other goals include automatic voter registration when persons reach 18 years of age, using eminent domain to reclaim property for  low income housing (example: Rivington House), reducing public transportation fees for veterans awarded the Purple Heart, and reform of our criminal justice system.

      John saw, firsthand, how laws disproportionately impact persons of color.  He calls for the gradual decriminalization of drug laws.  We learned from the experiences of the 1930's that prohibiting a drug, alcohol, led to the same threats to society that we have today - organized crime, violence, and corruption.

                                    Personal Background

      Born in Manhattan, he is single, has one daughter, and is a resident of our community for over 30 years.  His father, a Dutch immigrant, was a plumber and helped build naval ships at the Brooklyn Navy Yard during  WWII.  His mother, from a farming family in Maine, was a housewife and a volunteer Lt.Cdr. for the American Nautical Cadets (a naval Boy/Girl Scout-style organization).

      His Dutch ancestors, circa 1624, built New Amsterdam (now Manhattan) out of a wilderness.  The Dutch are credited with creating the foundation of America by being first in the history of the world to enact laws that protected every race and all religions.  As a result of races and religions working together, Manhattan became the best city in the world!

     John, a lifelong Democrat, is an U.S. Navy veteran and former NYPD policeman (a 5-year career).  He received a Public Administration degree from Bernard M. Baruch College (under the G.I. Bill).  His mission is to help people and to fight for what is right by becoming a social worker and international human rights activist.  His work reduced recidivism among NYC youths arrested for the first time and improved our international relationships.

      As a U.S. Navy Petty Officer (National Defense Medal) he protected our country.  As a policeman (thrice-decorated and injured in the line of duty) he protected our city.  Imagine having a job that requires you to wear a bulletproof vest because there are persons who want to kill you.  When a man or a woman puts on their military or police [or firefighter] uniform, we are saying that "I'm willing to die to protect you."  Some of us do.  In return, we only ask that our sacrifice be acknowledged.


If you don't already know John, maybe you should:

"John Bal has already given New York a little more than it deserves and we should do all we can to say thanks."

                                            Pete Hamill, New York Post

"Bal's veracity is nothing but excellent."
                                            Famed corruption fighter Detective

                                            Frank Serpico - New York Post

"Energetic and blessed with a real compassion to serve."

                                           Baruch Ticker

"I commend your patriotism and your initiative.  You show the kind of verve and imagination that lifts my spirits."

                                            President Ronald Reagan

"By most standards [John] is bold."
                                           Queens Ledger

"Dislike Gays?  Get over it!  If society can tolerate men going to war and killing each other, society should tolerate men kissing each other."

                                           John Bal, The Villager      

                                           Gay Pride Week 


"American [John Bal] Flies U.S. Flag at Moscow Festival."

                                           New York Times

"John is my friend and Shabbat Goy."

                                            Larry Abrahamson (son of the late

                                           Assemblyman Eddie Abrahamson)

"Though he is not Jewish, Bal has become an advocate for a group of Soviet citizens, mostly Jews."

                                            The Jewish Press

Bal went on "A mission to Moscow . . .  to help Jews get out of the Soviet Union."

                                            The Forward

Bal "who protested the Vietnam Nam War during his college and post-college years . . . is trying to mend part of the rift in world relations."


"Bal works to encourage kids to stay in school and help them get employment."

                                            Daily News

"Kim Phuc, who at the age of 9 was the subject of one of the most famous photographs of the Vietnam War - severely burned and running down a road without clothing after a napalm bombing - approached [Bal] and gave him a small ring."

                                            International Herald Tribune

"We are all very proud to have you as our good-will ambassador.  You have brought distinction to our community and fostered friendship between two cultures."

                                            Council Member Joseph Lisa

                                            34th Council District

"An American human rights activist"

                                           Bangkok Post

Bal "Hoping to improve relations between onetime enemies, drew warm smiles and thumbs up signs when he handed out 700 American flags during a trip to Vietnam last week."

                                          Associated Press

"Still one of New York's finest, ex-cop John Bal, has been appointed aide to visiting Burmese opposition leader Sein Win, first cousin to Nobel Peace laureate Aung San Su Kyi, to drum up UN support to oust Burma's hated military ruler."

                                          Daily News

"As a Beyond Barriers volunteer [in Guatemala], Mr. Bal  was assigned to the Shelter for Battered Women and Orphanage.  We were very impressed with Mr. Bal's willingness to donate a considerable amount of his time to improve the lives of battered woman and orphans.  He developed creative approaches to solve problems and demonstrated an unique ability to motivate others, including myself, to assist him."

                                         Marlo Mora, Executive Director


"For his initiative and courageous actions"

                                        Fire Commissioner, City of New York

"In appreciation of the invaluable services and cooperation extended"

                                       International Lions Club

"Participation with the Advisory Board"

                                      NYS Division for Youth 

"An outstanding citizen, one who is worthy of the esteem of both the community and the great City of New York"

                                    City Council Citation

    John  BAL                   Democrat for Assembly

65th Assembly District